Thom Bennett is a third-generation Master Tailor.


Three things you should know:

1. You will most likely have to be on a waiting list because I only accept 20 commissions per year

2. After your commission begins, it will take 3 – 6 months to complete your order, depending upon the number and type of garments ordered.

3. Your commission is going to cost more than what many other independent tailor will charge


When I personally cut your pattern, strike the cloth and sew your hand-sewn suit, I am going to pour every ounce of love and energy that I have into it, and I will be fully committed to creating the gem in your wardrobe. I will also be devoted to giving you the most extraordinary, personalised experience I can dream of during the process. I am obsessed with finding and delivering to my clients an over-the-top level of service beyond what most bespoke tailoring businesses do.

Precision craftsmanship and tailoring


Welcome to Thom Bennett Bespoke Limited. The information in this article will outline how to start your bespoke process with Thom Bennett Bespoke Limited. We’ll run you through the commissioning process for ordering in the UK. Watch this space for how to order as an overseas client and our future trunk shows.

The Booking Process

The best way to start would be to have a thirty-minute discovery call with me to discuss your options. After which we will book you in for a longer ninety-minute style consultation if you decide to take your first step into a Thom Bennett Bespoke garment.

What is the Style Consultation?

The Style consultation is where we will discuss your dreams and desires from your bespoke commission in terms of usage, event, etcetera this will inform us here at Thom Bennett Bespoke on the type of cloth that will be suitable and for you to confer about any unique styling you may wish to achieve. We’ll also talk about how your commissions might be incorporated into your existing wardrobe or by the addition of new items to create the right impression to meet your goal.

The Reservation Fee

When you decide to start your sartorial journey with Thom Bennett Bespoke the next step is to reserve your space in our busy schedule. We require a reservation fee which is taken into account when the commission is delivered and the final payment is made.

Once your date is agreed upon with Thom Bennett Bespoke, we will come to visit you at your preferred location within the UK, whether at your place of work, home, or club. Meetings can also be arranged on Savile Row at one of our many cloth merchants.

During the two-hour meeting, We will show you the cloth offering and the possible linings to add that special personal touch. We will also take your measurements and observe your specific posture and body figuration to enable us to draft your unique pattern.

How to Order

At the end of the meeting, a deposit of fifty percent of the total order value is taken to place your commission into the ledger and so start your Thom Bennett Bespoke journey.

What Happens Next?

The whole process will take between four and six months to complete your commission and during this time you will have up to four fittings depending on the complexity of the fit and styling though normally we take three fittings on the first order with subsequent commissions whittled down to one or two. Nothing leaves the workshop until both you and Thom Bennett Bespoke are one hundred percent satisfied with the garment. At each fitting, you will see a progression in the making process with a slightly more completed garment as the fittings proceed. Again the fittings will take place at your preferred location within the UK.

Completion and Delivery

At the end of the process, the final payment is made the balance left from your initial reservation fee and fifty percent deposit. Normally we would do a final fitting and hand over however this can be deferred with the garment sent by secure courier to your preferred address. Once the clothes have been worn for six months we do like to see you again for a last inspection to make sure you and we are happy with the fit and function of the garment with any alterations that may be required booked into our alteration tailor.

We look forward to working with you on your new bespoke commission.

Various Milanaise Buttonholes


Can I visit Thom Bennett in person to discuss a bespoke garment?

Absolutely! Thom Bennett welcomes clients for personalized consultations to create their dream garments.

What sets Thom Bennett apart from other tailoring houses?

Thom Bennett’s unique blend of tradition, innovation, and personalized service sets it apart, ensuring each client receives an unparalleled experience.

Are Thom Bennett's garments suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Thom Bennett crafts bespoke garments for both men and women, tailored to individual preferences.

How long does it take to create a Thom Bennett bespoke garment?

The timeframe varies depending on the complexity of the design, but rest assured, Thom Bennett’s team works diligently to deliver perfection.

Is Thom Bennett committed to sustainability in its practices?

Absolutely. Thom Bennett values sustainable practices and strives to minimize its environmental footprint while creating exceptional garments.

How much does tailoring cost in Bristol and London?

It is a fair question and one Thom is often asked, “How much does tailoring cost in Bristol” or “London” for that matter. The costs are really determined by overheads, being based out of London we are able to keep our prices lower.

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